micro beer brewing equipment with platform

Item No.: 2018120401
1.Easy and simply to operate
2.Easy to clean,there is one CIP inlet and have a internal comprehensive 360°C rotate cleaning ball
3.Compact floor area samll
  1. Products Details:

Product Specifications:
1. To be made of stainless steel 304. Brushed outer shell.
2. Working volume:5000 L.
3. Thickness of insulating layer: 100mm.
Inner body thickness: 3mm. Outer thickness 2mm;
4. Design pressure 0.3mpa, use pressure 0.15mpa
5. Side man way; Ladder and lifting ear. Hop add port
6. Tank top is domed, with 60°cone bottom
7. Dimple plate cooling jacket. Dual glycol zoned jacket;
8. Pressure gauge; Mechanical pressure regulator valve; Tri clamp breath valve and sample valve;
9. Pt-100 thermometer and temperature probe;
10. CIP rotary spray ball. Beer outlet and drain outlet with butterfly valves
11. Interior and outer tank weld places do polish≤0.59um.
12. Stainless steel legs and braces on adjustable feet
13 With necessary fittings and valves.

Production process:

1.Easy and simply to operate
2.Easy to clean,there is one CIP inlet and have a internal comprehensive 360°C rotate cleaning ball
3.Compact floor area samll
4.Our products approved with CE and ISO certificate,all used steel 304 material
5.our brewery equipment can make different kinds of beer like malt beer,bright beer,black beer and green beer etc.
6.Warranty: supply five years warranty,electrical components supply one years warranty
Technology:perfect welding and polished,all tanks have double layer stainless steel,conical fermenter with jacketed,glycol refrigeration system and controller.

Our Services:
1)we will supply you with drawing before manufacturing.
2)we will firmly manufacture according to the drawing.
3)we will be in charge of installation.
4)we will send you our fittings for free if it is broken bt accident during 2 years
Other:We have 20 types of beer equipments, including a varity of large,medium,small and micro beer equioment ,plant beer equipment,hotel beer equipment,bars beer equipment and teching laboratory equipment, as well as beer equipment accessories, external auxiliary equipment and control equipment.
♦ Capacity:100-5000L/D
♦ Usage:for brewery pub hotel or restaurant
♦ Control:PLC
♦ Materials:Red copper,s304
They can be used in restaurant, hotel, pub,  micro brewery, laboratory room, home or other places 
based on your practical demand. We have bottle filing machine or keg filling machine for optional.

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