500L Fermentation equipment

Item No.: 2018112803
500L Fermentation equipment from shandong haolu brewery equipment co.ltd
1.  To be made of stainless steel 304. Brushed outer shell.
2.  Working volume:500 L.
3. Thickness of insulating layer: 80mm.
Inner body thickness: 3mm. Outer thickness 2mm;
4.  Design pressure 0.3mpa, useful pressure 0.15mpa
5.  Side man way; Ladder and lifting ear. Hop add port
6.  Tank top is domed, with 60°cone bottom
7.  Dimple plate cooling jacket. Dual glycol zoned jacket;
8.  Pressure gauge; Mechanical pressure regulator valve; Tri clamp breath valve and sample valve;
9.  PT-100 and temperature probe;
10. CIP rotary spray ball. Beer outlet and drain outlet with butterfly valves
11.  Interior and outer tank weld places do polish≤0.6um.
12.  Stainless steel legs and braces on adjustable feet( Anti-earthquake design)
13.  With necessary fittings and valves.

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