15BBL beer brewing equipment

Item No.: 2018112802
Our brewing equipment enables production of all styles of beer. All brewing operations as well as fermenting & conditioning process can be controlled via semi-automatic-control with programming system, or can be fully automatic (computer controlled) depen
No. System Main Item Technical Parameter Quantity
Mill System
1. Grist Miller 1000kg/H 1 set
2.Flex Auger: 2m3/hour 1 set
3.Grist Case 2m3 1 set
4.Grist Hydrator   1 set
5.Valves and fittings   matched
6.Control box   1 set
Brew house system
3 vessels
1. Mash tank 2000L 1 set
2. Lauter Tun 2000L 1 set
3.Brew kettle/whirlpool Tank 2000L 1 set
4. Hot Water Tank 3000L 1 set
5.Steam Boiler 200Kg/H 1 set
  1. Wort pump
10T/H 2 set
  1. Hot water Pump
10T/H 1 set
  1. Plate Heat Exchanger
20㎡ 1 set
9 .Wort Grant 30L 1 set
10.Hop back tank 30L 1 set
11.Work Platform   1 set
12.Pipeline and Fittings
(Manifold piping)
ISO:Φ38 1 set

Fermentation System
Fermenter 2000L 6 piece
Fermenter 4000L 2piece
Yeast Adding Device 50L 1 set
Beer hose 20 meters 2 set
Fittings Assort matched
Cooling system
Refrigerator 10HP 2 piece
Glycol water tank 3000L 1set
Cold water tank 1500L 1 set
Cold&Ice water pump 5T/H 2 set
Chilling/Insulation pipelines φ38/φ32 matched
CIP System
Washing Pump
Alkali liquor Washing Tank
Acid vessel Tank
1 set
06 Control System control for Brewhouse For all components  
2 set
control for fermentation
control for Cooling system
control for CIP
07 Keg washer and filler Semi-Auto   1 set
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