The working principle of beer equipment gelatinizer

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The purpose of the gelling cup is to mix and boil the rice flour and part of the malt powder with water, and also to heat the saccharified dough so that the starch liquefies and gels.
The composition of the gelatinizer:
The body of the pan is cylindrical, the bottom of the pan is spherical or oval, the upper cover is in the shape of a butterfly, the part of the house is equipped with an agitator, the bottom of the pan has a heating device and there is a thermal insulation layer on the outside of the pan. The crushed rice flour, malt powder and hot water are mixed and introduced into the lower powder cylinder and the water supply line. Using a propeller stirrer, the concentration and temperature of the viscous wort are uniform, which makes the wort liquid heavier. Heavy particles are suspended without settling on the wall of the container, forming a "container" to prevent local overheating of the wort near the heat transfer surface.
To distribute the heating steam evenly, the steam inlet is connected to the steam jacket with 4 short pipes, the steam pressure is 0.3 ~ 0.6 MPa, the steam condensate is discharged from the line condensate and the gas is not condensable does not condense under the vapor jacket. The trachea is periodically separated by a valve. On the outside of the gelatinizer vapor jacket is a layer of thermal insulation. The bin cover is fitted with a double sliding door, a dust bin and an annular discharge tube. The top of the tank cover is equipped with a steam column, and the bottom of the steam column has an annular groove to collect the residual condensation water which flows along the wall of the steam column and is drained in the trench using a condensate drain pipe. Also an exhaust valve at the base of the riser, which can be adjusted as needed. A cylindrical windproof cover is provided on the top of the steam pipe to prevent birds, wind and rain from entering,

The material of the saccharification container is generally a stainless steel plate, which can guarantee the quality of the beer. A copper plate should be used on the inner bottom of the heating jacket, as the copper plate has a good heat transfer effect and on the bottom of the outer container. A conventional carbon steel plate can be used on the sleeve. Welds on the inner surface of the pot lid, body and bottom must be smoothed and polished, and must also be treated with an acid passivation, resistant to corrosion. The exposed surface is polished and there will be no scratches or scuffs.
Saccharification system
Must cycle
The influence of the arc on the circulation of fluids is that the column of liquid h2 near the inclined surface of the lower wall is lower, the heated region ƒ2 is larger and the central column of liquid h1 is deeper, and the heating zone es1 is lower, that is to say the volume of the edge block. The heating area is larger than the center, which leads to the fact that the density of the liquid at the edge near the sloping bottom wall of the container is lower in the center. As a result, bubbles quickly form around the bottom of the pan and a natural circulation of the surrounding liquid rises and falls in a large liquid. Under the same conditions, the stirring power consumed is only 60% of the pan, and the bottom of the ball-shaped ball has the advantage of easy cleaning. Therefore, most of the bottom of the gelatinized kettle, mashed potatoes and boiling kettle is spherical or ellipsoid.
In the gelling boiler mixer, a two-blade propeller is mainly used and the angle of rotation can be choossed between 45 ° or 60 °. Axial traction can promote circulation and must mix. The agitator speed generally has two speeds, a fast speed (30-40 rpm) is used to mix water and the materials to be drunk, a slow speed (6-8 rpm) is used to heat the must while maintaining the heat. Deposit and finance raw materials.
Associated parameters
Capacity The capacity of the gelatinized vat is lower than that of mashed potatoes and a must digester. Its capacity depends on the quantity of raw materials added and the efficiency is 58% to 60%. For every 100 kg of food (including rice, flour and malt powder), add water (400-450 kg), the gelatinizer capacity is 0.5 to 0.55 m3 and its effective volume should be calculated 500 minutes below the hatch. Recently, large usi
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